My Ideal Job

I am currently working as a Test Automation Engineer/Quality Engineer/SDET. If I were looking for a job, not saying I am, but if I WERE.. then these would be my priorites:

  1. 100% working from home – This means that, several years down the line, the company policy will NOT change to ‘everyone in the office’. Almost all meetings should be remote-first, meaning that everyone is an equal participant in them if they are working remotely. Some people can of course dial in from an office location but they should be at no communication advantage compared to remote workers. Also, the main communication for the team and organisation should be done online, remote workers should not be ‘second class citizens’ to watercooler gossip.
  2. No manual testing involved – This means that there is a seperation of concerns between exploratory/manual test QA and Automated Test Engineers. There is emphasis on automating everything as much as possible. And there is sufficient test knowledge and appreciation to tell the difference between the two, instead of just lumping everything in one ‘QA’ bucket.
  3. No Java technology stack – This means that Java and IntelliJ are not used as the mainstay of the application stack. I do not like working with Java and find it convuluted.
  4. No MS technology stack – This means that MS technologies such as C# and Azure are not used as the mainstay of the application and hosting stack. I do not actually have much against MS technologies in general, but all my experience has been with open-source *NIX-related technologies and I’d prefer to keep it that way. Exceptions exist, for example: Github, of course.
  5. No unethical industries – This means no gambling, no defense, no industries which disadvantage society in a big way in general.
  6. Good Pension – An above-average pension contribution. I would expect to be seeing at least 6% max employer contribution which is double the NEST minimum.
  7. Good Pay – This is negotiable but I need to pay my bills, and that includes the 10% inflationary cost of living crisis we’re in.
  8. High percentage of existing test coverage – This is essential to show that the organisation is serious about automation, automated tests, and doesn’t just want to hire someone to come in and retrofit tests to their code (a hellish task).
  9. Ability to use my own development environment (Linux is a plus) – My customised development environment will run without issue on Linux machines, OSX machines, and on Windows 11 with WSL2. I am SO much more productive and happy using it.
  10. Learning and dev time or budget allocated (nice to have) – This is a ‘nice to have’ but really if you aren’t able and willing to expense costs such as monthly technical books (£50/month) maybe you should be asking yourself why not, as an organisation.

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