What I Can Provide

* Personalised 1-2-1 tution through online video calling through Skype, Zoom or similar, and screen-sharing.
* I can cover GCSE IT, Computing, Computer Science and A-Level topics.
* I am also available for online 1-2-1 help more generally on teaching programming.

If you are interested, please get in contact via: https://davidcraddock.net/contact/

Professional Experience

I have 15 years professional experience in software development and IT-related positions. Some companies you may have heard of:

* Worked as a Senior Software Engineer on iPlayer at the BBC for several years, including managing a team of software engineers.
* Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Arm for 2 years, the famous British semiconductor and software design company.
* Worked at ITV as a Software Engineer.

Programming Languagues

In my career I have worked with the following languages:

* Python
* Java
* Ruby
* JavaScript/node.js
* C/C++

Relevant Academic Credentials

* Computing A-Level (B)
* BSc Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence from Sussex University (Honors)
* Several professional and academic computing courses completed at the Open University and through employer-sponsered tuition:

Certified Scrum Master Training
Cloud Computing
Configuring and Maintaining Broadcast Streams
DVB Lite
Digital TV
ISTQB Foundation Course
Java Refresher
Linux: An Introduction – Open University module – Course number T155
Modern C++ for Embedded Systems
Object-oriented programming with Java – Open University – Course number M255
Ruby and Cucumber
Software Engineering
Systems Design in UML
Web Engineering