DJ Setup 2/5/22

This is my current DJ setup that I use for Twitch streaming mainly.

  • 2x Reloop RL-8000mk2 turntables.
  • 2x Serato ‘Butter Rug’ Slipmats.
  • 2x Concorde Mk2 Digital carts.
  • Numark NDX500 CDJ which I use for playing CDs, and as a Serato Controller as it has Serato Integration.
  • Roland DJ-707m controller.
  • Sennheiser HD-25 headphones.
  • Rode Procaster mic with mic boom, pop shield and cage.
  • t.bone MB 88U mic with table stand that I use as a guest microphone.
  • AKAI LPD8 Midi controller which I use to trigger Serato Sampler samples.
  • Macbook Pro Early 2015 Retina running Serato DJ Pro.
  • Behringer TD-3 acid groovebox for adding acid patterns over the top of the Roland drum machine.

The audio signal flow is below:

On Serato I have 4 decks mode enabled:

Deck 1 – Left Reloop 8000mk2 running in CDJ DVS mode from the preamp to line input (PC mode)
Deck 2 – Right Reloop 8000mk2 running in CDJ DVS mode from the preamp to line input (PC mode)
Deck 3 – Inbuilt Roland TR drum machine used for redrumming tracks and also providing a drum loop for use with, and outputting MIDI, to the Behringer TD-3 (TR mode)
Deck 4 – Numark NDX500 CDJ used in Serato DJ Mode (PC mode)

Other possible config options

  • I can switch Deck 1 and 2 away from DVS to Line mode so that I can play all-vinyl sets. I often use this to listen to my record collection.
  • I can switch Deck 4 away from DVS to line mode so that I can play CDs in my set or listen to my CD collection.
  • I can switch Decks 3 and 4 to DVS PC mode and control them using the 707m jog wheels if I want to have a full 4 deck setup. Decks 1 and 2 are the Reloop turntables, and decks 3 and 4 would be the 707m jog wheels.
  • I can switch all Decks 1,2,3 and 4 to DVS PC mode and control them using the 707m jog wheels if I want to have a 4 deck setup self-contained using the 707m controller.

FX Setup

  • The 707m has a number of inbuilt Roland FX, and it also can use Serato FX. I have both setup as I have all the Serato DJ Pro FX packs.
  • I have decks 1-3 setup using the inbuilt Roland filter FX, so I can mix using the filter as normal, and deck 4 using the bitcrusher FX so I can bitcrush the drums.
  • I have reverb, echo and delay set to be my 3 Serato FX on the 707m which I can apply to deck 1-4 as needed.
  • I tweak the inbuilt Roland microphone FX as needed, usually I have it set to an echo on my main mic.

Audio Out Setup

  • I have the crossfader set to the default setup, so that decks 1 and 3 are on the left crossfader and decks 2 and 4 are assigned to the right crossfader. I have the crossfader curve setup on the default 12 oclock position.
  • I have master out, booth out and zone out all exact copies of each other, and pulling off the currently selected crossfader mixed output.
  • I have the master out using three pin XLR connectors going to my audio interface that is hooked up to my speakers and the Twitch broadcasting client.
  • I have the booth out going to my Eurorack which I have setup with an envelope follower module and an oscilloscope so that I can plot the volume envelope for just a nice visual effect.
  • I have the zone out going to my VU meter (not shown in picture) so that I can monitor the master out levels easily and also it looks good on stream.
  • I have feedback suppression turned on just in case my microphones pick up any feedback from the speakers.

I have a MIDI cable running from the Roland 707m to the Behringer TD-3 so that I can sync the acid patterns according to the beat of the inbuilt Roland drum machine on Deck 3.