My Writing

Here is some poetry that I’ve written.


Silence is a different mind
In crowds with noise and shouts
and people
who never knew what they might find
if still with thought, they stopped
and wondered.

Does your mind have hidden stairs?
With words to climb, and towers present
If you noticed, let me know,
for words are almost too
like whispers.

In dancing, do you leave yourself?
And go towards, another person
Things in beauty are flights in freedom
And nothing's true if all's forgotten.


Beneath the twin peaks, you were born.
on a crisp morning when everything was white.

I never knew you as a child.
Leaping over rocks and playing on the fields.

Silently you grew, and many did not see it
until you were strong, and pure, and racing.

The valleys deep, they never knew your name
as you muttered them softness and brought them blankets.

The trees did not stop you, they couldn't, they wouldn't.
You washed them over, and took them with you.

Falling like a blizzard on a bright summer morning,
you tripped, then stumbled, and fell all around us.

You never thought what damage you caused
until you were still and silent, as now. And over. 


The man that I wait for
Has come across the sea
The sound from the ocean
Brings him back to me.

The sand in his hair
the beach and the sky
The grit and the sweat
The glint in his eye.

The blood on his hands
The pain in his cry
He is angry at me
And I know why.

I sent him over the ocean
I sent him over the sea
I told him a man
Wished to marry me.

He went for his head
He cut it clean right through
But the things I said
They were not true.

But I do not falter
I do not fear
As there is third man
Standing here.

He will protect me
He won't know why
And as I sing to them
All men will die.