Current Twitch DJ Setup

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  • 2 x Reloop 8000mk2 turntables
  • Roland 707m Mixer and DJ Controller
  • 2015 Macbook Pro (DJ Laptop)
  • SoundSwitch USB -> DMX interface, attached to broadcast PC
  • Beatstep MIDI Controller mapped for controlling SoundSwitch, attached to broadcast PC
  • Vestax VCM-600 MIDI Controller used for controlling Resolume, attached to broadcast PC
  • AKAI LPD8 MIDI Controller used for controlling Serato’s FX, attached to DJ laptop
  • Rode Soundcaster Pro microphone used as a DJ mic
  • 4 x Phillips Hue Colour Bulbs in lamps
  • Phillips Hue Lightstrip
  • Behringer UMC1820 Sound Interface connected to broadcast PC, attached to broadcast PC
  • 2 x Logitech C920 Cameras used for capturing video for streaming, attached to broadcast PC


  • SoundSwitch lighting software running on broadcast PC
  • Resolume Avenue running on broadcast PC
  • Streamlabs OBS running on broadcast PC
  • Serato DJ Pro software running on DJ laptop