Stanford Engineering for Everyone

The Stanford engineering department, often regarded as the best in the world for computer science education, has made its core CS curriculum free for anyone with an internet connection. There are some catches, ie: you don’t get your assignments marked, you have no contact with the lecturer, but all the same, it is really a great resource. The material is very high-quality, professionally filmed lectures and a full compliment of handouts and course notes. It also does not even assume knowledge of programming – it teaches you right from the basics.

If I was trying to teach myself CS again, these courses would be an ideal place to start:

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

adExcellence Exam passed

I passed the adExcellence exam first time.. woo! It wasn’t that difficult really.

“David Craddock of iCrossing is accredited as an official Microsoft adExcellence Member. A Microsoft adExcellence Member has completed comprehensive online training on managing Microsoft adCenter search engine marketing campaigns and has demonstrated expert knowledge by passing the Microsoft adExcellence accreditation exam.”

As of 21/3/08, I’m somehow also now #1 on for the keyword “adExcellence exam”.. if that’s what you googled for, you probably want the adExcellence main site instead. Or use Live Search.

Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo Pipes Logo

I have just seen Yahoo! Pipes, and am convinced this is going to change the web. For real.

Data source sites will become ‘content providers’, data will be aggregated and filtered from multiple content providers, either by the user or by ‘intermediary’ sites. The user will be able to choose his ‘data view’ of the content on the internet, just as Google is currently doing.

This is fascinating stuff if you’re involved in the web industry.

Brighton Barcamp2

I will be attending Brighton Barcamp 2 on the weekend of the 14th March, and presenting on a new web project I’ve been working on.

See: and for more info.

Update: Brighton Barcamp 2 is now over.

This was really interesting, and I learned a huge amount in a very short amount of time. Thanks to everyone who talked to me. I’ll definitely be attending future Barcamps.

A bit of theory..

I’ve been trying to learn a lot about search engines lately, as I’ve been starting at an internet marketing firm. I found this excellent list of online materials for university courses related to search engines:

In particular, these seem especially relevant:

Craiglist opens a Brighton, UK section

I just noticed that US bulletinboard giant has opened a Brighton UK section of their website! There are a few posts already. At the moment, Gumtree’s Brighton Section is massively popular here. I’ve recurited several flatmates using Gumtree, and am basing my local housing search around it.

It will be interesting to see how fares now that has competition in the Brighton local area.

The topic of this blog

This blog will be about my perspective on technology. Anything that catches my interest will be fair game, but mainly it will revolve around internet technology and the development of such.

It will allow me to create an online presence, and to improve my writing skills.

I hope you will find the time to check back on this blog and watch it progress.