DJ Setup 03/03/2022

This is my current DJ setup with the following components:

  1. Decks 1 and 2 – 2x Reloop 8000mk2 Vinyl Turntables with Serato intergration
  2. Deck 3 – Numark NDX500 CDJ with Serato Integration
  3. Deck 4 – Roland 707m Serato Controller and Mixer using its internal drum machine as a deck
  4. Behringer TB-303 Clone fed into the Aux input of the Roland 707m Controller
  5. Pioneer EFX-1000 DJ FX Unit placed between the master out of the 707m controller and the input of the sound interface on the broadcasting PC
  6. Reloop Neon Serato Controller used to control the Serato DJ Pro sampler
  7. Rode Procaster Microphone (not shown in diagram) fed to the Mic 1 channel on the 707m Controller as the main microphone for me while DJing
  8. t.bone MB 88U Dual Microphone (not shown in diagram) fed to the Mic 2 channel on the 707m Controller as the guest microphone for use when I have guests in the studio

I have simplified things massively over the last year over my previous setups with the purchase of the Roland 707m. It it an amazingly clever piece of equipment and does so much. I think it is definitely one of the most advanced and most powerful controllers on the market today. This is what I can do with the new setup:

  1. I can now do 3 deck mixing with the NDX500 CDJ functioning as a third Serato deck, OR using one of the platters on the 707m to use as a third deck. Originally my ambition was to progress to 4 deck mixing which this setup can do, but actually I’m sure 3 deck mixing will be enough for the long term future for my needs (plus it’s difficult enough!!)
  2. I am keen as ever to go above and beyond simple beatmatching and add creative music artist tricks into my DJing. To this end I have the Roland drum machine built into the 707m. Mostly I will use it for simple redrum effects, but it can also be used to put down a simple beat to put other things over. I also am keen to use the TB-303 with its inbuilt memory of classic acid patterns to possibly play over the Roland drum machine as an intermission between techno/acid tracks, which I do play quite a bit.
  3. DJ FX are fun to use, although I have to be careful not to overuse them! I have full control over the Serato FX on each deck via the 707m which I use quite a bit. I also have the Pioneer EFX-1000 which can do some amazing transition FX. Unfortunately I can only put this on the master channel due to the 707m not fully supporting send/recieve to my liking, but I am sure it will be fine.
  4. The Serato DJ Sampler is very useful while streaming to add some personal ‘sound bites’ and entertaining vocal quotes from movies etc, and the Reloop Neon controller is the best Serato sampler controller, and it is cheap and intuitive.
  5. The Roland 707m has some amazingly advanced mic controls, and I can apply full EQing and an effect to each mic. I use the echo effect for a stadium echo type sound when announcing new people entering my stream. It is a bit silly but people like it.
  6. When I get bored of Serato DVS, I can play real vinyl records on my turntables and CDs on my CDJ. This is useful for all-vinyl sets which I occasionally do with my growing record collection. I also have tons of CDs that are fun to use.
  7. With the Reloop 8000mk2s I can actually use the Reloop 800mk2 controller pads and Serato controls in combination with the 707m Serato controller pads. This is very powerful because it means I can use the splice loop effect with one hand at the same time as pressing the buttons to reduce the loop length with the other hand for a ‘fatboy slim stutter drop’ type effect. There are other combinations that can only really be done with seperate and dedicated controls for each Serato function instead of having to flip between multi-use Serato pads.