Useful OSX commands for Linux users

I wrote this list to remind me, as a newcomer to OSX, how the command line differed from the Linux commandline. I thought I’d expand on it, and share it:

To mount any iso:

hdiutil mount sample.iso

To download a file as you would using wget:

curl -o linuxmint.iso -C -

the -o specifies the output file (required)
the -C – specifies automatically resuming if possible.

To burn a bootable iso to CD, DVD or USB key:

use the “diskutil” program as described in:

Monitor disk io utilisation.. poll once per second

iostat -c 99999

will run until 99999 seconds have passed.

Monitor CPU and memory utilisation.. polling per second


Just like Linux.

Mount Windows Shares

mount -t smbfs //@/ 


mount -t smbfs //davec@SERVER/Dev samba-to-netdev

then it will appear mounted in /Volumes with the mount point name you supplied, ie: /Volumes/samba-to-netdev/.