Eclipse 3.4.2 + Pydev + Eclim = win

So, after saying all that stuff about how vimplugin and EasyEclipse was great, I actually started to use the setup heavily, and it started to annoy me.

For one, EE is not a recent build of eclipse, nor does it come with a full set of recent plugins. This makes it annoyingly difficult to use when you want to use more than the set of plugins it packages for you. As far as vimplugin goes, it does not provide the vim integration I thought it might from embedded vim. Not really even close.

What I use now, after lots of trial and error, and at least 4 reinstalls of Eclipse, is a combination of Eclipse 3.4.2, Eclim, (which is the most mature of the free vi-binding plugins around, and actually includes an improved version of the vimplugin previously mentioned), and the latest pydev, Mylyn and Subeclipse.

I’m using it now to refactor a largeish python project, and I’m really appreciating the help it gives me. Definitely worth trying an Eclipse setup similar to this if you’re writing any python apps that are more than small-scale.