Character encoding fix with PHP, MySQL 5 and ubuntu-server

For some reason, under ubuntu-server, my default MySQL 5 character encoding was latin1. This caused no end of problems with grabbing data from the web, which was not necessarily in latin1 characterset.

If you are ever in this situation, I suggest you handle everything as UTF-8. That means setting the following lines in my.cnf:


If you already have tables in your database that you have created, and they have defaulted to the latin1 charset, you’ll be able to tell by looking at the mysqldump SQL:

.. some col declarations..

See here this artists table has been set to default charset of latin1 by mysql. This is bad. So what I recommend is:

1. Dump the full database structure + data to a file using mysqldump
2. Substitute ‘latin1’ for ‘utf8’ universally on that file using your favourite text editor
3. Import the resultant file into mysql using the mysql -uroot -p -Dyourdb < dump.sql method

Then everything will be in utf8, and your character encoding issues will be solved 🙂

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